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Naif Al-Mutawa and published by Teshkeel Comics, featuring a team of superheroes with special abilities based on the 99 attributes of Allah in Islam but some are virtues encouraged by a number of faiths. The character cast consists of Dr. The set of evil characters is led by the power-hungry Rughal, who seeks to steal the power of the Noor stones and their bearers for his personal benefit.

The storyline pits the 99 led by Dr. Ramzi in their pursuit of social justice and peace against the forces of chaos and evil. The series was created by Naif Al-Mutawa, founder and C. An Origins Preview was first published in the Middle East in May 2006, followed by a US reprinting in July 2007.

1 was printed in September 2006 in the Middle East and was published in the US in August 2007 as First Light. Indonesian and Indian editions were also produced.

The 99, with the Justice League and The 99 began publication in October 2010. In total, there were 35 numbered issues, 6 unnumbered special issues. During the siege of Baghdad in 1258, books from the House of Wisdom were tossed into the Tigris river by the Ilkhanate Mongol forces and allied troops to use them as a bridge.

Downstream, scholars dipped 99 gemstones into the water to absorb the wisdom and power from the books. All dilemmas faced by The 99 are overcome through the combined powers and capabilities of three or more members.

Through this, The 99 series aims to promote values such as cooperation and unity throughout the Islamic world. Although the series is not religious, it aims to communicate Islamic virtues which are, as viewed by series creator Dr.

The concept of The 99 is based on the 99 attributes of Allah. Many of these names refer to characteristics that can be possessed by human individuals. In compliance with Islamic tradition, the Arabic version of the aliases of each of the 99 is written without the definite article “Al-“, because use of this precise form is exclusive to Allah.