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Vampire Dog is a Canadian family film released in 2012 a shade of vampire pdf free download directed by Geoff Anderson. In Transylvania a woman in her kitchen cooks a jelly pudding.

When she leaves the kitchen, a dog suddenly appears from nowhere and eats the pudding. The woman witnesses the dog suddenly disappear. Back at home, the dog’s owner questions who should look after the pet after his death.

In Lugosi County, somewhere in North America, twelve-year-old Ace and his mother Susan arrive at their new home. Ace plays drums well, but suffers from stage fright.

Susan gets work as an additional music teacher at the local high school which will be closing after the current year. Though the current music teacher, who is also the school’s principal, Barry Hickman discourages students and doubts their skills, Susan thinks the right approach will help the kids.

She involves the school in a talent show, which, if they win, will save the school from closure. Hickman assigns Ace to play drums, but Ace panics and falls off his stool.