Alexander the great biography pdf in telugu

2010 adventure-horror film, directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch. Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat plays the leading role. You can help alexander the great biography pdf in telugu adding to it.

The story begins in Natchi, a small town in Kerala, India. To prevent death and gain immortality, he decides to extract the ‘Nagmani’ from a nagin, a shape-shifting snake that can morph into a human.

He keeps the nag in a glass box where he electrocutes and tortures him. His plan works and the nagin starts following him. She brutally murders those men who were involved in the capture of her mate as well as men who torture women. The police inspector who is trying to help her find her mate investigates the murders.

Finally, she reaches George’s hideout where she reclaims her mate and they have sex, leading to the nagin becoming pregnant. George attempts to capture the nagin during intercourse since this is when she will be at her most vulnerable.