Annotate pdf files windows

PDF files using pen input. The software is capable of converting handwritten ink into text or sticky notes. The plug-in uses smooth inking provided by Microsoft operating system annotate pdf files windows feels very easy and natural to use with a pen input.

How It Differs From Acrobat’s Pencil Tool? Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. The Acrobat’s standard “Pencil” tool is designed for a mouse input and does not utilize a pen support that comes with latest operating systems.

Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Table PC edition. The software can be also used with regular XP with extra download. PC with a pen input device such as a Bamboo Wacom tablet.

Although, the plug-in works even with a regular mouse, it is recommended to use a pen writing device for a smoother and more natural experience. Adjust pen thickness and color for a custom appearance. Adjust highlighter’s width, color and transparency for a custom appearance. Use “Highlight Text” toolbar to quickly color-code selected text using 5 different adjustable highlighters.

Write right on top of the text form fields using pen input. Easily convert ink into a text with a click of a button.