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The following is a listing of fictional characters from the HBO series The Sopranos. To view characters organized by their associations, see the subpages section. Many characters have had storylines that have spanned multiple seasons, while the others are restricted to arcs that occurred during dr z’s beat the racetrack pdf single season of the show.

Rosalie “Ro” Aprile, played by Sharon Angela, is the widow of Jackie Aprile, Sr, and the mother of Jackie Jr. She is good friends with mob wives Carmela Soprano and Gabriella Dante, to whom she offers characteristically frank advice. Rosalie was always frank with her friends that she knew her husband, Jackie, had affairs, but seemed to have made her peace with his infidelity. During her marriage to Jackie, Ro had an affair with a man named Steve from her gym, which remained a source of guilt.

One year after Jackie Sr. Ralph had been a friend of Jackie’s growing up and later a soldier in Jackie’s crew before he moved to Miami.

Their relationship became romantic after Ralph returned from Miami in 2000, following the deaths of both Jackie Sr. Ralph’s telling the story of how Jackie Sr. Unbeknownst to Rosalie, it was Ralph who ordered her son’s death.

Following her son’s death, Rosalie sank into a prolonged period of mourning. Ralph began an affair with Janice Soprano. Rosalie’s friend Karen Baccalieri died soon after Jackie Jr. Ralph chose this opportunity to break up with Rosalie, claiming he was tired of her constant grief.