Duties and responsibilities of finance manager pdf

Before we headstart to write about Assistant Financial Manager Responsibilities it is essential to understand that a prior knowledge about this position will indeed help you to get into the skin of the job in a much easier way. Who is an assistant Finance Manager? An assistant finance manager is a responsible officer in the organization whose main duties will comprise of assisting the finance manager in tasks like billing invoices, attending day to day technical finance requests for purchase orders, making budgets, etc. Duties and responsibilities of finance manager pdf us now comprehend about the Assistant Finance Manager Responsibilities or the job he will be required to do.

He will be responsible to manage the cash flow and supervise over the financial transactions within and outside the company. Propose an annual budget based upon organizational goals and the planned targets of production in the guidance of the manager. Control and protect the assets in the interest of the organization.

Assist the finance manager to make rounds in attending on financial requests pertaining to purchase orders. Watch the cash flow over the financial transaction with the clients and the purchaser of the assets of the company.

Handle the day to day job performance of the staff members and manage the payroll activities in approval of the manager. Provide solutions on risk management.

Plan a strategic and long term business plans in support of the financial manager and the board of managers. Provide funds with respect to rough cost estimates for new products and services. His main responsibility would be to assist the manager to obtain financial data from several sources such as expenses incurred in the month, day, etc. He must possess significant computer knowledge and have an expertise in Ms Excel and other computer related skills like database administration, tally, etc.

Apart from this he must have in-depth knowledge about accounting and finance. Aware of the data security act to safeguard the financial assets of the company.

Welcome change by keeping himself informed about the changes regarding the financial regulations and legislations. Have an eye for analyzing the market trends. Calm and professional attitude to work under pressure. Possess strategic approach to deal with outside competitions.

In order to become an assistant financial manager, you would have to Master Degree in accounting and finance from a recognized university. Apart from this he is entitled to have expertise in computer based education like MS-Excel and database. I am sure you would be very much interested go for it. Since the services of the financial manager are required in almost all organization and the manager cannot shoulder the whole responsibility all alone, an assistant services are indeed in much demand.

The assistant financial manager will be required to work under the direction of manager and provide reports on the expenses, payrolls, billing invoices, finance requests of purchase orders etc in the best concern of the company. Financial activities of a firm is one of the most important and complex activities of a firm. Therefore in order to take care of these activities a financial manager performs all the requisite financial activities. A financial manger is a person who takes care of all the important financial functions of an organization.