Everything at once lyrics pdf

Everything Counts” everything at once lyrics pdf a 1983 single by the electronic band Depeche Mode from the album Construction Time Again. The single introduced a transition in lyrical content for the group. Everything Counts” specifically addresses the issue of corporate greed and corruption during the 1980s Britain, as the chorus sings of “grabbing hands” that “grab all they can”. Lead singer Dave Gahan sings the lead vocals on the verses, while songwriter Martin Gore sings the lead vocals on the chorus.

When the song has been performed live, the chorus has been sung by all of the band’s musicians except Gahan, as it appeared in the video for the single. The song would quickly catch on as a fan favourite at the band’s concerts and was used as the opening song for the Construction Time Again tour.

During the Music for the Masses Tour, the band used “Everything Counts” as the final encore and in 1989, the song would be re-released as a single in live form, to promote the live album 101. All live tracks from the release were recorded on 18 June 1988 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl during the final performance of the aforementioned Music for the Masses Tour.

This version of the song is famous for the recording of the crowd continuing to sing the chorus long after the music had stopped. It also appears in Devotional as the closer.