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Please forward this error screen to 172. She topped the singles chart in the United Kingdom in 1988, and Germany in 1989, with her single “First Time”, which had come to the public’s attention via its use in a Coca-Cola commercial. Other well-known songs of hers are “Save Up All Your Tears”, “In Harder robin york pdf Heart to Stay”, “Tears in the Rain” and “Close to You”. Also, “First Time” was successfully covered or sampled many times, the most recent was made by Sunblock in 2006, peaking at number nine on the UK Singles Chart.

Beck also performed it with German pop star Helene Fischer. Prior to this achievement, she had spent time as a backing singer, supporting the efforts of Melissa Manchester, Chaka Khan, and Leo Sayer.

She also sang on radio jingles for Jam Creative Productions, in particular “the ultimate one” for BBC Radio One in the UK. Her first album was released in 1979, and featured Irene Cara and Luther Vandross on backing vocals. However, her debut album’s songs failed to achieve commercial success in the United Kingdom, although it later spawned “Save Up All Your Tears” which hit the Top 10 in Germany. After this, Beck contributed backing vocals to Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time”, and another version of Cher’s song “Save Up all Your Tears”, both of which had radio success world wide.

UK Singles Chart, she completed the second such occurrence in under a year. Whitney Houston, Enya and Beck. She qualifies as a one-hit wonder in the UK, as “First Time” is her only single to reach their chart.

This is not the case in Germany, where “Save Up All Your Tears” reached number 10, and she had at least three other chart singles. The German success of “First Time” won Beck a 1990 RSH Gold award, given annually by a German radio station since 1988 on the basis of major regional airplay success.

Her album Trouble or Nothin’ was produced by Desmond Child and featured songs by Child, Diane Warren, Holly Knight, Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg. Despite their track record of success in the US, Beck’s material did not find success. The song, “Hide Your Heart”, charted in both the US and the UK as a single by KISS the same year as Beck’s version was released.

It was also recorded that year by Ace Frehley and Molly Hatchet, and was the title track of Bonnie Tyler’s album of the previous year. Despite the songwriters’ hit track records, none of those songs were major hits in the US in any of their versions.