How to seduce my wife pdf

I Think I Love My Wife is a 2007 romantic comedy film starring Chris Rock and Kerry Washington. Rock co-wrote the film with Louis C. It is a remake of the 1972 French film, Chloe how to seduce my wife pdf the Afternoon, by Éric Rohmer. There is one problem in his marriage: their sex life has stagnated, leaving Richard frustrated and sex-starved.

At one point, Brenda accuses Richard of being on the down-low. During those dull days at the office, he occasionally fantasizes about other women, but never acts upon his impulses. At first she claims to just want to be his friend, but she begins to show up consistently at his Manhattan financial office just to talk or have lunch, which causes his boss, secretaries, and peers to view him with varying degrees of contempt. When Nikki begins to deliberately seduce Richard, he does not know what to do.

Against his better judgment, he flies with her out of town for one day on an errand, where he is beaten by her boyfriend. Then he returns too late to make a sales presentation at an important business meeting, causing the loss of a lucrative contract. Later, when she and her fiancé are about to move to Los Angeles, Nikki asks Richard to come to her apartment later to say a “proper goodbye”. When he gets to Nikki’s apartment, he finds her in her underwear in her bathroom.