Join 3 pdf files into one

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This is not an attempt to join separate PDFs to one single PDF with multiple pages. It is an attempt to create a single page PDF from few other PDFs that already exists. The requirement is to allow the user to mix and match existing PDF files and position them together to create a single PDF. While this is possible, the quality of the PDF is compromised a little during conversion.

I would like to know if there is a better solution that we can use? The solution doesn’t have to be PHP.

It most probably wont be. I’m certainly up for any commandline tool that can do the job. Above is an example only – not a real command – I just wish if a tool has that kind of functionality.

Specify set of input files and their positions on the output file. Using Ghostscript to convert multi-page PDF into single JPG? Freeware to split a pdf’s pages down the middle? However, this could also be extended to do it programmatically from PHP with the Ghostscript .

I’m happy to use commandline tools to get the result. PDF on an empty PDF that is larger? I will try pdftk joining and then get back to you.

I have toyed around with ghostscript but I can only see a way to place 1 PDF file in to position on a newly created larger file. I cannot see how I can position multiple files in to multiple positions. You cannot position multiple files into multiple positions. That’s why you need to use pdftk for overlaying the different newly created on each other.