Leonard cohen songbook pdf

Also interview with Leonard Cohen. Lyrics leonard cohen songbook pdf music to 17 songs from Cohen’s three first albums.

Also an interview with Leonard, in French. All songs include the accompaniment strums used by Cohen, notated in both standard music notation and in simplified guitar tablature. Foreword by Jerry Snyder, guitar editor. Charles Hansen Educational Music and Books, New York.

Lyrics and music to 19 early classic Leonard Cohen titles. Leonard Cohen written by William Kloman. Click for bigger view of the cover!

New edition by AMSCO Music Publishing Company, USA, 1969, and Music Sales Company, England. Update 2009: a new printing, “Collectors edition”, by Omnibus Press in January 2009. Lyrics and music to fifty classic Leonard Cohen titles. Distributed by Music Sales Limited.

Published for Europe and Australia only. US International Standard Book Number: 0.