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German composer, conductor, teacher, and violinist. Mozart is best known today as the father and teacher of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and for his leopold mozart treatise pdf textbook Versuch einer gr√ľndlichen Violinschule. From an early age he sang as a choirboy. He attended a local Jesuit school, the St.

Salvator Gymnasium, where he studied logic, science, theology, graduating magna cum laude in 1735. He then moved on to a more advanced school, the St. While a student in Augsburg, he appeared in student theatrical productions as an actor and singer, and became a skilled violinist and organist. He also developed an interest, which he retained, in microscopes and telescopes.

Although his parents had planned a career for Leopold as a Catholic priest, this apparently was not Leopold’s own wish. My father thought the world of him. And how he hoodwinked the clerics about becoming a priest! He withdrew from the St.

Salvator Lyceum after less than a year. Except for periods of travel, Leopold spent the rest of his life there. Leopold received the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy in 1738.

However, in September 1739 he was expelled from the university for poor attendance, having “hardly attended Natural Science more than once or twice. In 1740, he began his career as a professional musician, becoming violinist and valet to one of the university’s canons, Johann Baptist, Count of Thurn-Valsassina and Taxis. This was also the year of his first musical publication, the six Trio Sonatas, Opus 1. Leopold did the work of copper engraving himself.

He continued to compose, producing a series of German Passion cantatas. Count Leopold Anton von Firmian, the ruling Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg.

He was promoted to second violinist in 1758 and in 1763 to deputy Kapellmeister. The Grove Dictionary says that as of 1756, “Mozart was already well-known. His works circulated widely in German-speaking Europe.