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Please masonic secrets revealed pdf this error screen to 108. THE POINT WITHIN A CIRCLE – More Than Just an Allusion? Point Within a Circle, and instructed in its’ allusion.

Saints John, namely John the Baptist, and John the Evangelist. Bible attributed to Saint John the Baptist and St. I began to wonder if the point within a circle might be a similar construction.

Master workmen on Cathedrals and great buildings. Geometric construction by which Thales’ Theorem could be derived. Euclid, but none of them employing two parallel tangent lines. Figure 4, AB and CD are two parallel tangents to a circle having a center O.

This construction produces a triangle in which angle HOI is 90o. This discovery however leads to other questions.

Masonic Origin of the Circle and the Point within a Circle. SHORT TALK BULLETIN – Vol.

The Pythagorean Tradition in Freemasonry. Campbell, Past Grand Lecturer, Grand Lodge F. Campbell, Past Grand Lecturer, Grand Lodge F. The three angles of a triangle must sum to 180 degrees.

More than Just an Allusion ? I have been contacted by a fairly large number of Brethren who have requested further details concerning the method which I described for constructing a right triangle.