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The concrete walls and sliding glass panels made novel use of industrial materials, while the open floor plan integrated the external environment into the residence, setting a precedent for California architecture in particular. After completing the Hollyhock House, Schindler and his wife Pauline vacationed in Yosemite in October 1921. Inspired by the trip, Schindler returned to nevada rental agreement pdf a design for multiple families to share a modern living area, much like Curry Village, Yosemite National Park.

Each apartment was designed for a separate family, consisting of 2 studios, connected by a utility room. The utility room was meant to serve the functions of a kitchen, laundry, sewing room, and storage. Each person was assigned a studio marked in the plans with his or her initials, and everyone converged in the communal kitchen for domestic chores. The house also has a guest studio with its own kitchen and bathroom.

Instead of bedrooms, there are two rooftop sleeping baskets. The baskets were redwood four post canopies with beams at mitered corners, protected from the rain by canvas sides. When Schindler first submitted plans to the local planning authorities, they were denied, citing this radical, at the time, new method of construction.

After many trips to the local planning office and extensive talks to convince them of its merit, the Building department granted him a temporary permit, meaning that they reserved the right to halt construction at any stage. The house is built on a flat concrete slab, which is both the foundation and the final floor.

The walls are concrete tilt up slabs, poured into forms on top of the foundation. The tilt up panels act as the hard sheltering wall at the back of the house, and a softer permeable screen at the front. Schindler had long been fascinated by the construction method of tilt up concrete slabs, having done extensive research on them in his early days working for Ottenheimer, Stern, and Reichert. He was now intent on using this method for the new home he was designing, along with his friend Clyde Chace.

With Schindler as architect and Chace as builder to save costs, construction began in November 1921. The landscaping, furniture and sleeping baskets remained to be completed.

The Chaces and Schindlers shared the house from the summer of 1922 until July 1924 when the Chaces moved to Florida. Schindler’s friend, partner and rival, Richard Neutra along with his wife Dione and son Frank lived in the Chace apartment from March 1925 until the summer of 1930. Pauline Gibling Schindler left the house and her husband in August 1927, Rudolph remained at the house until his death in 1953. Galka Scheyer, dancer John Bovingdon, novelist Theodore Dreiser, photographer Edward Weston and composer John Cage.