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The Florida High School Athletic Association was founded on April 9, 1920 by a group of 29 high school principals which met on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville. The organization was founded as the Florida High School Athletic Association. The name was changed to Florida High School Activities Association in 1951.

The name was changed back to Florida High School Athletic Association in 2002. West Palm Beach, and Winter Haven.

The first Constitution limited membership to public schools. However, in 1930, it was amended to open membership to private and parochial schools as well. In 1951, the member schools voted to change the word “athletic” to “activities” in the organization name so that non-athletic activities such as music and student council programs would also receive proper supervision at the state level.

The Association was incorporated in 1962. While the association’s charter had never specifically excluded non-white student participation, none actually participated until 1967, when all-black Gibbs High School not only participated in basketball but won the state championship.

In 1968 the FIAA disbanded. The FHSAA has never comprehensively incorporated the achievements of the black high schools into their record books. In 1996 the FHSAA adopted regulations permitting students enrolled in home education programs to participate in interscholastic activities. In May 1997, the Florida Legislature recognized in statute the FHSAA as the governing body for interscholastic athletics in Florida, provided the Association comply with the provisions of a legislatively mandated revamping of its governmental structure.

The name was changed back to Florida High School Athletic Association in 2002. As of August 2007, the FHSAA has a membership of 748 schools.