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Also known as the Military System. Although supposedly superseded by the FDI World Dental Federation notation, it overwhelmingly continues to be the preferred method used notations 21 pdf download orthodontists, dental students and practitioners in the United Kingdom. It was originally termed the Zsigmondy system after the Hungarian dentist Adolf Zsigmondy who developed the idea in 1861, using a Zsigmondy cross to record quadrants of tooth positions. Roman numerals I, II, III, IV, V to number the teeth from the midline.

Palmer changed this to A, B, C, D, E. This makes it less confusing and less prone to errors in interpretation. Orientation of the chart is traditionally “dentist’s view”, i. The designations “left” and “right” on the chart, however, nonetheless correspond to the patient’s left and right, respectively.

With the move from written dental notes to electronic records, some difficulty in reproducing the symbols has been encountered. It is covered by the GPL 3 license. It would also be feasible to introduce additional alphabetic characters or other symbols, for example to denote supernumerary teeth or bridge pontics, to which a purely numerical method such as the FDI system does not lend itself easily. When the sign is in front of the number, it indicates left while after it indicates right.

For instance -6 indicates the 6th lower left tooth, i. An investigation into the use of the FDI tooth notation system by dental schools in the UK”.

The Palmer notation system and its use with personal computer applications”. Dental notation for primary teeth: a review and suggestion of a novel system”.

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