Princess of arabia book pdf

American writer whose work princess of arabia book pdf centers around women in the Middle East. Growing up in a small town, Sasson found adventure between the pages of books.

Her strong desire to uproot herself from her rural surroundings led her to jump at the opportunity to work and travel abroad. In 1978 she traveled to Saudi Arabia to work in the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh as an administrative coordinator of medical affairs.

Peter Sasson, her future husband. They married in 1982 and Sasson left the hospital after four years of service, but the couple remained in Saudi Arabia until 1990. During their time in the Middle East, the Sassons made many friends, including members of the royal Al-Saud family, who visited the hospital.

The most notable of these friendships was between Sasson and “Princess Sultana”, the princess about whose life The Princess Trilogy tells. Sasson is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Sasson’s first book, The Rape of Kuwait about the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, was published in 1991.

It was based on interviews she conducted with Kuwaitis who had fled to Cairo, Saudi Arabia, London and Washington, D. The book was published before the war broke out.