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11 April in the Hamadōri region of Fukushima, Japan. Iwaki, causing widespread strong to locally severe shaking. It was one of many aftershocks to follow the 11 March Tōhoku earthquake, and the strongest to have its epicentre located inland. The earthquake occurred as a result of normal faulting to the west of Iwaki and triggered numerous landslides across adjacent mountainous areas.

A few fires broke out, and 220,000 households lost electricity. Officials issued localised tsunami alerts, though no significant waves were generated.

The earthquake caused little structural damage, but killed four people and injured ten others. The strong ground movements triggered the reactivation of a nearby geological fault, prompting researchers to conduct extensive surveys in the region. To the east of the epicentre, the oceanic Pacific Plate is subducted beneath the continental Okhotsk Plate, on which much of Honshu’s Tōhoku region is situated.

Building stress near the resultant plate boundary has led to the development of shallow inland faults through crustal deformation and folding along the east coast of Tōhoku. Hamadōri region near Tabito town, Iwaki city, that had previously been inactive. The segments of the Idosawa Fault associated with this surface feature were classified as the “Shionohira Fault” in 2011. 130,000 years, also ruptured during the quake.

These observations indicated that the earthquake occurred as a result of normal dip-slip faulting with some strike-slip component. 0 Mw earthquake triggered widespread seismic activity, and its aftershock sequence includes well-over 67 earthquakes of magnitude 6. Apart from the Fukushima Hamadōri earthquake, four of the aftershocks measured magnitude 7.

The Fukushima Hamadōri earthquake, however, was the strongest of the aftershocks to have its epicentre located inland. Early estimates placed the strength of the earthquake at a magnitude of 7. 0 Mj and a depth of 6. 5 Mj or higher were recorded near its epicentre.