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This article is about the 1977 incident. 1 May 1977, the international Labour Day on Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey. The event came within the scope of the wave of political violence in Turkey of the late 1970s. In the Ottoman Empire, the first celebration ruhi book 5 unit 2 pdf Labour Day was organized in Skopje in 1909.

In Istanbul, Labour Day was first celebrated in 1912. No celebrations could be organized between 1928 and 1975. Taksim Square with mass participation.

Rumours that Labour Day 1977 would turn out bloody were circulated by the Turkish press before the rally, once again organized by DISK. It was expected that these groups would clash with each other. The estimates on the number of participants in the Labour Day celebrations on Taksim Square in 1977 is usually given as 500,000 citizens.

Many participants and in particular the Maoist bloc had not even entered the square when shots were heard. Subsequently the security forces intervened with armoured vehicles making much noise with their sirens and explosives.

They also hosed the crowd with pressurized water. People tried to escape through Kazancı Yokuşu, the nearest exit from the square, however a track blocked escape route. Most casualties were caused by the panic that police intervention created.