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This article is about the novel written by Kate Grenville. The Secret River, written by Kate Grenville in 2005, is a historical novel about an early 19th-century Englishman transported the lieutenant kate grenville pdf Australia for theft. The story explores what might have happened when Europeans colonised land already inhabited by Aboriginal people.

The book has been compared to Thomas Keneally’s The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith and to Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang for its style and historical theme. The Secret River was inspired by Grenville’s desire to understand the history of her ancestor Solomon Wiseman, who settled on the Hawkesbury River at the area now known as Wisemans Ferry. Her inspiration to understand this came from her taking part in the 28 May 2000 Reconciliation Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge during which she realised that she didn’t know much about the early interactions between the settlers and the Aboriginal people.

Initially intended to be a work of non-fiction about Wiseman, the book eventually became a fictional work based on her research into Wiseman but not specifically about Wiseman himself. The novel took five years and twenty drafts to complete. The novel is dedicated to the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Although sparking hostility from some historians it received a positive response from many Aboriginal people, Grenville has said “they recognise that the book is my act of acknowledgement, my way of saying: this is how I’m sorry”. Sydney Theatre Company in January 2013. June of that year by ABC TV as a two-part miniseries. The early life of William Thornhill is one of Dickensian poverty, depredation and criminality.