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The valve is usually designed as a rubber sleeve within a plastic case where the rubber sleeve is arranged so that when air passes through the valve one way the sleeve opens and lets the air through. However, when air is sucked back the other way, the sleeve closes off and no air is allowed backwards. The end of the drainage tube is placed inside the patient’s chest cavity, within the air or fluid to be drained. There are several potential problems with these valves.

One is that the chest tube can clog. When chest tube clogging occurs, the pneumothorax or subcutaneous emphysema can recur.

This can also lead to empyema. The other is that these tend to leak fluid. To address this, some have turned to small chest drainage alternatives, such as the Atrium Express Mini 500 or the Teleflex Mini Sahara.

An alternative solution is to attach a sputum trap to the valve, thus providing a reservoir to capture the draining fluid. The Atrium Pneumostat chest drain valve combines a one way valve and a 30cc collection chamber to address this issue.