The walker”s guide to outdoor clues and signs pdf

The series premiered on June 23, 2013, and concluded its first season on August 18, 2013. The series was not renewed for a second season. The series is hosted by Gildart Jackson, who plays the mansion’s butler, Giles. The series follows 13 guests, one of whom the walker’s guide to outdoor clues and signs pdf secretly the “killer” posing as a contestant in the game, living in a Beverly Hills mansion named Rue Manor.

Within the show’s fiction, the guests, along with Giles and two maids, are trapped by the killer within the house grounds until they determine who the killer is. An early episode shows that Giles is wearing an ankle monitor that forbids him from leaving. Giles, who reads them to the surviving guests.

Guests are free to select which area to search, though they are allowed access to only one area with a limited amount of time, and are confined to the bounds set by production, sometimes marked off with police tape. Guests then participate in a riddle challenge that leads them in a competitive search through the mansion. The guest who is able to complete the challenge receives an additional clue that may greatly help in solving how the murder was committed. In the first season, this led to the ad hoc formation of two informal teams that tried to assure information was withheld from the other team, in an attempt to assure their own team’s advancement to the next round.

Though the murders and riddle challenges are presented as having been masterminded by the killer, in reality the guest playing the killer is as unaware of upcoming deaths and challenges as the other guests, and is not given any information from production about the larger social game. Later, guests are individually taken to the mansion library where, in monologue, they describe to the unseen killer how they believe the murder took place and make an accusation as to who the killer is. During dinner, Giles presents a message from the killer. The message states which guest had the most correct theory and is subsequently spared from being the killer’s next victim.