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This is the third edition of the Detox Catwalk, which assesses the steps taken by fashion brands to fulfil their commitments. Detox 2020 deadline to eliminate hazardous chemicals, thinking backwards to assess if they have the necessary tools to be fit for 2020. For decades, industrial companies have chosen to use the environment and in particular our waterways as a dumping ground for hazardous chemicals, unhindered by ineffective government regulations.

For local communities living near manufacturing facilities water pollution has become a daily reality. July 2011 to address this problem, asking the textile industry to urgently take responsibility for its contribution to toxic pollution.

Hazardous chemicals are commonly used for the manufacture of clothes by many well-known brands. The campaign has secured global Detox commitments from 76 international brands, retailers and suppliers and has had political impacts, triggering policy changes in the Europe and Asia. Fashion brands, in particular, can play an important role in transforming the sector because of the influence they have on suppliers and trends. This is already happening in Italy, where a collaboration which began in the Prato region now has 42 companies working together to Detox.